Chasing Raine

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Chasing Raine
2024101 Min.3/10
Two elite soldiers; a mother and a father race against time to rescue their daughter from the clutches of a ruthless child trafficking syndicate , as they navigate through a treacherous labyrinth of danger and deceit. They must confront their own past traumas while shredding through a brutal underworld that thrives in secrecy.
Ficha Técnica
TítuloChasing Raine
Título OriginalChasing Raine
Duración101 Min.
Año de Estreno2024
PaísUnited States of America
GénerosSuspenso, Acción
DirectoresQuinanthony Bateman, Lee Bateman, Lee Bateman, Quinanthony Bateman
ActoresMaurice P. Kerry, Krystal Jordan, DJ Walton, Dall'asia Howard, Scott W. Peterson, K. Alexandra Escobar, Courtney Wu, Chalcey Brown Sr.