Comeback | Gnula ONLINE

202398 Min.2/10
No Love Lost shot to global fame like a shooting star and made millionaires out of its members. Guitarist Tony drank his millions and hasn't been able to play a chord in years. The guitars have been pawned and no new songs are being written. A message about singer-songwriter Katarina reaches Tony. The singer, who has been sober for a long time, has relapsed into drugs with fatal consequences. Katarina's teenage daughter Ellie, who has been placed in a family home, contacts Tony to find out about her family background. In the process, she reveals a secret to Tony that could enable No Love Lost to make a comeback and save Tony's finances. Tony decides to go to the funeral and get to know his daughter enough to get a DNA sample from her to confirm paternity - and gain access to Katarina's inheritance.
Ficha Técnica
Título OriginalComeback
Duración98 Min.
Año de Estreno2023
GénerosDrama, Comedia
DirectoresMarja Pyykkö, Melissa Markki, Petri Kotwica, Petri Kotwica, Petri Kotwica, Santeri Salminen, Fabian Munsterhjelm, Tommy Vilén, Tommy Vilén, Maiju Niemelä
ActoresMikko Leppilampi, Ville Myllyrinne, Paula Vesala, Anni Iikkanen, Pamela Tola, Marja Packalén, Mari Perankoski, Kirsi Ylijoki, Armi Toivanen, Vuokko Hovatta, Juha Torvinen, Jouni Hynynen, Mohamed Alsayyad, Lucas Timperi, Mila Marjamäki, Kim Sundström, Janne Haake, Mirva Kuivalainen, Emilia Kumpulainen, Nino Pitkänen, Henna Hännikäinen, Milla Toropainen, Anna Kopo, Mika Ruti, Hanna Ylönen, Marko Keskitalo, Max Nuottivaara, Seija Lääti, Tuuva Vornanen, Juho Orpana, Nikita Makkojev
ProductoresAleksi Bardy, Ari Tolppanen, Petri Karra, Andrea Reuter, Helen Vinogradov, Roosa Toivonen, Petri Kemppinen, Timo Lahtinen, Aleksi Bardy, Anki Heikkinen, Maijaliina Nylund, Tommy Vilén