L'Amour et les Forêts

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L'Amour et les Forêts
2023105 Min.7.08/10
When Blanche meets Grégoire, she thinks she has found the one. The ties that bind them grow quickly, and a passionate affair ensues. Together, they relocate. For Blanche, far from her family, from her twin sister, Rose, a new life begins. But little by little, she finds herself caught in the grip of a deeply possessive and dangerous man.
Ficha Técnica
TítuloL'Amour et les Forêts
Título OriginalL'Amour et les Forêts
Duración105 Min.
Año de Estreno2023
GénerosSuspenso, Drama, Romance
DirectoresValérie Donzelli, Fabrice Camoin, Anouk Barrere
ActoresVirginie Efira, Melvil Poupaud, Dominique Reymond, Romane Bohringer, Virginie Ledoyen, Marie Rivière, Guang Huo, Laurence Côte, Bertrand Belin, Zoé Lenoir, Arthur Thunin, Nathalie Richard, Philippe Uchan, Salif Cissé, Solenn Le Couviour, Violette Serieys, Kouyaté Carmen, Joseph Bonnet, Matthieu Rozé, Thomas Tugulescu, Pompeo Coppola, Pauline Fugaldi, Valérie Donzelli, Valérie Donzelli
ProductoresMederic Bourlat, Édouard Weil, Matthieu Sibony, Alice Girard, Mederic Bourlat, Fabien Stephan