The Wall

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The Wall
202396 Min.4/10
Jessica Comley is an American agent of the U.S. Border Patrol on the Arizona-Mexico border. In this unforgiving desert, she is proud and determined to defend America against drug traffickers and illegal immigrants by any means necessary. But her relentless pushing of the limits leads to one of her interventions going awry when she kills a harmless migrant in front of three witnesses: her colleague, who tries to cover the crime, and a Native American with his grandson. Faced with the authorities, it's her word against theirs.
Ficha Técnica
TítuloThe Wall
Título OriginalThe Wall
Duración96 Min.
Año de Estreno2023
PaísBelgium, Denmark, United States of America, Luxembourg
DirectoresGuillaume Malandrin, John Shay, Elly Verduyckt, Philippe Van Leeuw, Philippe Van Leeuw, Tom Heene
ActoresVicky Krieps, Haydn Winston, Marla Robison, Santiago Craig, Greg Rencken, Austin Buchanan, Brendan Guy Murphy, Steve Anderson, Harris Kendall, Elizabeth von Isser, Simon Sears, Rogelio Camarillo, Robert James Raymond, Tad Sallee, John Shay, Santiago Craig
ProductoresGuillaume Malandrin, Santiago Craig, Tomas Leyers, Merritt Crocker, Gilles Chanial, Maria Møller Christoffersen, Justin Kreinbrink, Vicky Westover, Tyler Besh, Nolan Veneklasen